Best 7 Tips to Get Enrolled for Best NFT Games Scholarship

NFT game is in the rage now, and that’s understandable considering how one can earn a significant amount of money through adorable and straightforward gameplay. However, the price of these cute creatures – also known as Axies – has skyrocketed, making it more difficult for aspiring scholars to get enrolled. That is where best nft games scholarship programs come into play. That works because a scholarship organization lends scholars the starter team of three Axies to start playing the game. In return, those scholars will have to give an agreed percentage of their Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) earnings to the organization as a rental fee. 

While there are several scholarship programs, the competition to obtain one is demanding. However, it’s not impossible to get the right one, and we’ll break down several tips to increase your chances of getting a scholarship.

Where you can best nft games Scholarship programs

1. NFT Game Discord

One of the reliable places to get a juicy scholarship is in the official Discord server of best nft games. There’s a channel already dedicated to scholarship programs, where aspiring scholars can post their details and reasons they want to enroll and be given a starter team of three Axies. 

Best 7 Tips to Get Enrolled for Best NFT Games Scholarship

2. CoinGecko SLP Page

This site offers almost every piece of information about best nft games program. Aside from tracking the price SLPs, the CoinGecko SLP page also features a tab that showcases a list of scholarship programs, along with their profit-sharing models, social links, and more.

3. Twitter Search

Most NFT game supporting organizations offering scholarships promote their scholarships on social media platforms like Twitter, especially when looking for candidates to manage. Searching with the keywords “Axie scholarship program,” “ best nft games scholarship,” and “Axie scholar” will bring up multiple options. Converting the terms above into hashtags will also bring similar results.  

How To Get An NFT Game Scholarship Program

Here are some of our tips:

1. Fill out the application form

All credible scholarship programs require applicants to fill out a form with their basic information, including name, location, age, relevant experience, the aim for participating, and a reason to be picked. When filling out the application forms, make that you put some thought into your answers. Honest answers go a long way in qualifying as a scholar. Also, make sure to put all your relevant information into it. Remember, these forms are used to screen applicants, and filling them up will set you apart from other candidates. 

2. Engage with the community              

Are you looking to join an active scholarship program? Then enroll at their social channels, such as Discord and Telegram, and make a name for yourself on their servers. It is also good to build up your reputation amongst the NFT game community and engage in quality conversations. With other participants.

3. Make your skills visible             

Do you have any special skills such as video editing, photoshop, or content creation? If yes, make sure you use those skills and create valuable content for the NFT game community. You can help in different areas, including infographics, video tutorials, guides, and more! Don’t forget that you are competing with a pool of desperate scholars, so if you prove yourself to be a valuable scholar with so many skills to contribute, you will stand out amongst other competing scholars.

Best 7 Tips to Get Enrolled for Best NFT Games Scholarship

4. Do not beg for a scholarship

Many scholarship organizers get irritated when you send them emails, begging them to enroll you in their scholarship programs. It’s a pity that we have seen such scenarios time after time. Some scholars send spam posts to organizations asking them to consider their applications. Often, it doesn’t pay off. Instead, scholarship managers become annoyed and thrash the mails. 

5. Experience with similar games counts           

Having experience with similar play-to-earn games will make your application stand out. Some card games can come in handy, including Legends of Runeterra, Hearthstone,  Magic The Gathering, Pokemon Trading Card Game, and. More. These games have similar mechanics and features to NFT game and will count as a tangible experience for you.

Suppose you lack the experience, not worry. Watch NFT gameplay videos and tutorials to understand the game better. CoinGecko also has some guides detailing gameplay for it.

6. Apply for multiple scholarship programs

To improve your opportunity to snag a scholarship program, you can apply to multiple organizations. That is similar to applying to various job vacancies to broaden their appointment opportunities. However, if you get a scholarship, make sure you turn down other offers. Avoid multi-accounting as it may get you suspended from playing NFT game. If you are caught, you will forfeit your scholarship, and it is unlikely that you will find a new one once it is publicized. 

7. Treat the scholarship like a job

Scholarship program application forms will enquire about the number of hours you can dedicate to playing the game. Be sure to devote sufficient time to play the game before signing up. The scholarship is a job, and it requires that you put all your skills to work.

Final Words 

Once you have been offered a scholarship, make sure that there is a mutual understanding between you and the organization. That is usually in the form of an employment contract, and be sure you read and understand it before signing.

Many organizations offer scholarships, and some offer a better payment scheme than others. However, before signing any contracts, make sure you are comfortable with the profit-sharing percentage and be sure there is an agreement that backs it up. Be aware that some scholarships managers can be dubious—they want to pay only a minimal amount to their scholars. You have to avoid these at all costs. The Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) page on the game’s official site showcases several recognized scholarships that pay the higher amount. That may help you find the right one for you. 

With the high demand for scholarship programs these days, securing one might be somewhat challenging. However, you can get the best one with enough grit and determination.

A complete guide on NFT games for beginners

Are you a novice when it comes to matters that pertain to NFT games? Or do you want to start playing non-fungible token games? I want to assure you that you’re in the right place. This article will point directly to facts that will help you. Firstly, I want you to stay calm and embrace or read this article with an open heart. Have you heard about cryptocurrency? You might be wondering why you need to know some things about cryptocurrency. Let me inform you that no one can make some money while playing NFT games without having a crypto wallet. Of course, it depends on the type of NFT game you want to play. Some NFT games are connected with Bitcoin, while others are related to Ethereum. For instance, you must have a functioning Ethereum crypto wallet to play Axie Infinity.

The introduction of cryptocurrency was like a bomb to the world. It came in like a wave. Ever since its coming, cryptocurrency’s effect amplified during the pandemic in 2019. Then, there came a sudden increase in online transactions and work moral code unlike ever before in nft games free to play. So, as the world is shifting or adjusting to the online world, online currencies and blockchain knowledge also rose. Hence, it is expedient for you to know that the rising of blockchains and crypto also affected other objects. Non-fungible tokes were also affected. It came to the limelight. 

These are the things that you must know as a beginner. I want to implore you to stay positive and pay attention to what I am about to reveal to you here. 

What are NFT games?

NFT means non-fungible token. It is a token that is exceptional. NFT games are primarily present on Ethereum and Binance smart chains. NFT games are games that have individualism and exceptionality.

It is a digital, cryptographic token on the blockchain that is in place of an incomparable item. The non-fungible token has various use cases. A non-fungible token could be a digital asset in a game or a collectible piece of crypto art. Additionally, the non-fungible token could be a real-world object such as real estate. Non-Fungible Tokens has provided answers to the time-honored issues of forming decentralized digital collectability and proprietorship in a copy-paste.

Non-fungible Token games have been in vogue for several decades. It’s a game that virtually everyone loves to play because of some benefits and rewards. Recently, non-fungible games have been the one ruling the world when it comes to online games that are full of fun alongside a great tip. People often concentrate on the fun, and since the fun has been backed up with rewards, NFT games have become what people cannot do without. Therefore, as a beginner, you need to know all these facts about NFT games. Learn more about new NFT games.

What is the difference between non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrency?

I have heard people saying there’s a thin line between these two terms. But I won’t tell you boldly that the difference between NFT and cryptocurrency is clear. However, it is unarguably that one can have a crypto token, and one can also have NFT to operate on decentralized ledgers simultaneously. It is expedient for you to know that a crypto token is like another token with the same cryptocurrency identity, which any other person in the world can own. So, with that said, it doesn’t make it exceptionally yours. The case is different when it comes to the non-fungible token.

On the other hand, a non-fungible token has a unique identity. It is entirely yours if you own it. It is different from cryptocurrency. NFT is one of its kind. Hence, if you own NFT, there’s no doubt about the fact that only you can access it in the world.

Mind you; fungible tokens are like banknotes. At times, it could also be in coins. Fungible tokens have the same identity and value when they are exchanged, while non-fungible tokens have a stable or immovable exceptional value along with the ownership.

What are the challenges to face as a beginner? 

If you’ve read an article that didn’t emphasize some challenges you will face as a beginner, you are not ready to play NFT games. There are countless challenges, but choosing the suitable NFT game is the first one. 

There are countless NFT games, and one of the struggles one can have as a beginner is how to choose a suitable game. As a beginner, if you decide to play Axie Infinity without taking some steps to know what it entails, you might fall into error. What am I saying in essence? I am saying this to show you that it is essential for you to know the NFT game you want to play before playing it. 

A complete guide on NFT games for beginners

Another challenge that is likely to come your way as a beginner is that there’s a tendency you meet people that are looking for a way to dupe you. Remember, you are dealing with an online currency in playing some of these games. So, you have to stay strong make sure you carry out some research before engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.

It will be an incomplete message if I don’t add that you may likely spend some time knowing the game’s rules and regulations. It’s a challenge!

Other things that you need to know

As a beginner, ensure that you do thorough research before registering for NFT games. There are some things you need to know about it before you can join the league of gamers in the world. 

Also, if you want to play to earn, it is expedient for you to do some practice. The saying that “practice makes perfect” works in the gaming world.

Closing thought

Dear reader, the above information is what you need to know about NFT games. I believe with the little you’ve seen here, you can do something unique and achieve massive success in the gaming world. Finally, I want to assure you that I am always open to receiving and answering questions regarding this topic. Therefore, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment box if you have any.      

6 expected NFT games in 2022

I intentionally make the heading of this article so short and straightforward. I believe you would like to know if there are discoveries in the NFT gaming world. You might want to know if there are upcoming NFT games. I mean, NFT games that are yet to come into the limelight. Of course, yes. Remember, NFT games have a perfect relationship with cryptocurrencies. So, with that, the tendency of getting discovery is high.

If you have been following the blockchain industry, NFTs shouldn’t be something new in the world of play to earn games. These are digital depictions of real-life merchandise you can purchase with cryptocurrencies due to their blockchain.

Developers will like to create something new that will catch people’s attention. They are doing this to divert people’s attention to their crypto wallets. Okay, let us briefly talk about non-fungible token games. NFT games are different from just holding crypto-collectibles in your wallet. An NFT game will use Non-fungible Tokens in its rules, devices, and player communications. 

For example, a game could represent your unique character or avatar as an NFT. Digital items you find while playing the game could also be NFTs. You can then swap or trade your NFTs with other players for profit. A newer, play-to-earn model also allows you to generate income from NFT games. Click here to get about best NFT games that are highly exceptional.

One beautiful thing about these new NFT games is that people that will invest in them for the first time will have the chance of getting something unique and tangible. Some benefits will come with it for first users. I am saying this to encourage you and be on alert. However, here are the NFT games that we should all expect in 2022;

  1. Battle of guardians: This NFT game has unique and exciting graphics that is beyond expression. Not only that, this fantastic game permits players to communicate with each other. In the battle of guardian, one will have the opportunity to choose from its three-game mode. The three-game modes of this unique game are the arena, the story, and the tournament mode. If you want to know more about this game, you can check out some facts online. Although the one issue about this game is that it requires an entry fee before one can participate in it. But we are still hoping that the designer would have done something about that before launching this game. NFT podiums are widely held for artwork, but they encompass games. Players can now retain digital characters and exchange them for fiat money. With Non-fungible Token’s popularity, inventors have begun creating more fun for players to invest in. Though there are more than a few options that we expect to see soon, some already show the potential of making a name on the podium.
  1. Rainmaker: Rainmaker is another NFT game that will rule the gaming world very soon. People are seriously waiting for the launching of this new game. As of January this year, people still ask the designers of this NFT game to know the time it will fully come into the limelight. One of the benefits of Rainmaker is that this game is formed to develop players’ abilities. Not only that but it is also created to provide opportunities to win cash prizes. Also, do you know one can trade its tokens on Ethereum non-fungible token platforms? Of course, yes. Although this NFT game also has its deficiency. The only drawback I can pick out of this game is that withdrawal can take some time. Therefore, I want to implore you to anticipate something new.
  1.  RaceFi: Please, permit me to share with you that RaceFi is designed to allow third parties to bet. Isn’t that amazing? Of course, it is incredible. This unique game also has stunning graphics to put other NFT games behind. Furthermore, this game features a garage which could be an asset for every player. The tokens in RaceFi are always available for purchase on any platform. That’s a piece of good news, right? However, its deficiency is that it has room for over-speculation, which can affect one’s investment. Cars are the most substantial assets in this game because you need them to play. Every automobile has peculiar traits, such as parts and artwork, unscrambling it from other models. 
  1. Polygonum: This list of NFT games is incomplete without Polygonum. I am expecting this game to come into the limelight. This NFT game allows players to earn some tips while playing. Furthermore, one can also buy characters and dispose them on marketplaces. This unique game has a lot of fun. I mean, the pleasure that comes with this game is beyond expression. Although, playing this game effectively might be so hard for starters. I can boldly tell you that this upcoming NFT game will rule the gaming world. 
  1. Age of rust: Another upcoming game that we should all expect is the Age of Rust. This fantastic game has exciting gameplay. And it supports the Enjin coin. Although, this game needs a lot of development. But I believe the designers are working tirelessly to develop this game. So, we should all hope for something great. Age of rust is one of the future NFT games that still need a lot of work before being ready for the world. It has involved attention because of the designer’s promise that Enjin coin will support its items.
  1. Blockchain Cuties: This NFT game is a game that almost everyone will fall in love with. I want to assure you that you will like it the first day you play this game. The mode of operating this game is similar to Ethereum and Axie Infinity. With Blockchain Cuties, one will breed monsters called cuties until they are fit to go for war. This game is exciting. 

Closing thought

Dear reader, please wait patiently for these games. The developers of the above-listed NFT games are working earnestly on how to make it work by all means. Finally, I want to assure you that I am always open to answering questions regarding this topic. So, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment box if you have any.  

5 Best NFT games that are highly exceptional

There are countless NFT games. But not all of them are exceptional. If you want to go by searching online for NFT games, there’s a tendency you get some that are not yet working actively. Of course, some NFT games just came into the limelight, and people are scared of investing their cryptocurrency in it. Hence, I want to tell you that the games you will see here are legit. For better understanding, it would be nice to start this write-up with the definition of non-fungible token games.

What are NFT games?

NFT means non-fungible token. It is a token that is unique, nft games free to play are predominantly present on Ethereum and Binance smart chains. NFT games are games that have distinctiveness and exceptionality.

It is a digital, cryptographic token on the blockchain that is in place of an exceptional item. The non-fungible token has numerous use cases. NFT could be a digital asset in a game or a collectible piece of crypto art. Additionally, the non-fungible token could be a real-world object such as real estate. Non-Fungible Tokens has provided answers to the time-honored issues of forming decentralized digital collectability and proprietorship in a copy-paste.

Non-fungible Token games have been in vogue for several decades. It’s a game that virtually everyone loves to play because of some benefits and rewards attached to it. Recently, non-fungible games have been ruling the world regarding online games full of fun alongside a great tip. People often concentrate on the fun, and since the fun has been backed up with rewards, NFT games have become what people cannot do without.

Having known the meaning of non-fungible Token games, here are the best five games that you must get familiar with;

  1. Axie Infinity: Axie Infinity is a digital pet community in which one buys creatures. Those creatures are called Axies. With the Axies, one can fight and explore with other Axies. Sky Mavis developed this unique game. Sky Mavis is a gaming company. The good news about this fantastic game is that it runs through the Ethereum crypto wallet. Once you have an ETH wallet, all rewards can be easily converted to money. Axie Infinity is a game that is designed strictly for adults. I mean, it is a game meant for people at the age of 18 years and above. It is a legitimate way of making money. Axie Infinity is an online game that comes with a lot of fun that is beyond expression. It is one of the play-to-earn games that is ruling the gaming world. Recently, this unique game generated forty-two million dollars in sales. I think that was in June 2021. With that report, Axie Infinity is the most expensive non-fungible token collection in the market. There’s no how one will talk about games that come with so much fun and yet a way of improving people’s status without talking about this awesome game.
  1. So rare: This unique game is also one of the best NFT games that have been a blessing to several people over the years. It is a soccer game. It is based on fantasy football. All you need to do is to register and start playing. So rare has an element of collection at work. All you need to do is assemble and seek out cards for players you desire. This unique NFT game has reformed the experience of creating football cards. And this makes it to be a particular game. Therefore, if you are looking forward to playing an NFT game that is unique and different, Sorare is what you need to consider. This fantastic game comes with fun that no one can put into writing. I mean, the fun you will get in playing this game is beyond expression. 
  1. Evolution land: This list will be incomplete without Evolution land. This excellent game has a different approach that is quite different from the above-listed NFT games. It deals with building a city to buy land, create buildings, and extend one’s space. All the continent on the game exists on a different blockchain. Also, one will need units. These units are called apostles, which must be assembled to discover exceptional units with long-drawn-out attributes. One notable thing about this unique game is that it stands out amidst the amount of Pokémon styled games that use NFTs. Dear reader, I can boldly assure you that you will enjoy playing this game. Of course, you might not get all you need to know about this unique game here. You can search online to gather materials about this fantastic game. It has been in vogue for over two years now. And since then, people have been saying something nice and unique about this NFT game. 
  1. Gods Unchained: Gods Unchained is a unique game that comes with a lot of fun. I was amazed when I saw countless positive reviews about this game. In fact, someone said, “Gods Unchained is a game of the gods.” I am only saying this to show you how unique this game is. It is fantastic to hear that the title of this game comes from some former directors of the Magic the Gathering series. Gods Unchained has been ruling the NFT gaming world since 2019. Thus, this unique game is one of the games that has maintained its originality. 
  1. CryptoKitties: This game is based around the Ethereum blockchain. CryptoKitties is a game that has been in vogue even before the existence of Axie Infinity. In fact, history shows that it was some of the users of this game were the ones who came together to form Axie Infinity. One thing about this game is that the uniqueness is still intact up to date. Therefore, I assure you that you won’t regret playing this game.

Final words

This article comprises of five best NFT games that are highly exceptional. Remember what I said earlier in the introduction that I took some time to carefully check through all popular NFT games to bring out the best. I want to assure you that the above-listed game will keep you busy with so much fun that is beyond expression. Finally, please, feel free to ask questions if things are not clear to you.